Our Coverage Area

In addition to the City of Abilene, we offer appraisal services in the following counties: Taylor, Nolan, Callahan, Jones, and Shackelford. We have specific expertise in the cities of Buffalo Gap, Tuscola, Lawn, Ovalo, Sweetwater, Clyde, Baird, Merkel, Anson, Hawley, Trent, and Albany. If you need an appraisal in a city or community that has not been listed, contact us to see if we can fulfill your needs. This listed cities are, however, where we do the vast majority of our work.

Why do we specifically cover the areas mentioned above? Because we live in, work in, and understand the areas in and around Abilene. USPAP requires that an appraiser have enough knowledge of the subject area to produce credible assignment results. You can rest assured that we are not only familiar with these areas, but we've had extensive appraisal experience in them and understand market trends in each. When it comes to residential appraisals in the Abilene and surrounding areas, we hope that you'll look no further than Rob Cunningham Residential Appraisals